Welcome to Redan Auto Electrical. We serve Kaitaia and the surrounding area of the Far North of New Zealand with auto electrical workshop services and a retail showroom.

We specialise in car, motorcycle, marine and commercial batteries, alarms, marine parts, auto parts, air conditioning, mobility scooters, automotive GPS, ignition parts, lighting, car audio systems and accessories, AGIP Oil, Gauges, CB and VHF Radio.

Exide Batteries

We are members of Battery Mart - a nationwide Exide battery marketing group of privately-owned, reputable auto electrical businesses that have grouped together to provide a nationwide Auto Electrical parts and service network.


Battery Mart Auto Electricians ensure that batteries are not replaced unnecessarily by testing the battery correctly prior to replacement. If the battery is found not to be faulty, a complete vehicle diagnosis service is available to find the fault. We make sure that the correct battery is used for the application required and provide expert testing and specialist advice.